Our Approach

iWire365 specializes in working with disruptive growth companies who are in need of private equity of $20 Million or more.

Analyze Business Goals and Objectives

iWire365 works directly with disruptive growth companies as a strategic adviser to ensure its clients business goals, go to market strategy and financial state of affairs are ready and prepared for the infusion of private equity.

Why Hire a Strategic Consultant

Managers, both with and without MBA's, fail to do much more than very basic strategic analysis, let alone package disruptive growth companies to be in a position to attract and receive capital of $20 million or more in exchange for equity. Even fewer succeed in developing effective implementation strategies let alone creating capital structures to fuel and sustain short and long-term financial goals.

iWire365 sets out to avoid all of these deficiencies. Our team will demystify strategic thinking by providing you with a comprehensive set of techniques.

iWire365 provides a hands on approach and works directly with your company as part of your team as we fulfill the specialized role of navigating the complex and often predatory world of raising capital.

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