Gigabit City Private Equity Model

iWire365 provides 100% Private Equity Funding to facilitate full turn-key design, build and maintenance Gigabit City services .

The greatest challenge for all Gigabit City projects is securing funding.  iWire365 provides private equity funding with long-term amortization.

With a trusted private equity funding source in place, the first step in building a Gigabit City is engaging all public & private stakeholders in your community to determine the support level for a Gigabit City network.

State Governments, Council of Governments, Municipalities, Economic Development Corporations, and Utilities are key to making a Gigabit City vision a reality

iWire365 is ready to work with you on your project and facilitate 100% private equity funding of your Gigabit City project. We would like the opportunity to meet with you and your team and begin making your technology goals a reality.

To get started, we’d like to send you our iWire365 Gigabit City Design, Build and Maintain presentation.

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