Micro Data Centers

iWire365 designs, builds and manages data centers. Data centers are the core of iWire365’s Gigabit Cities as data center facilities across underserved and rural communities.

All Data Centers include backhaul and distribution fiber optics that extends into the communities they are needed, tied into long-haul fiber optic providers, and funded using our Private Equity REIT model.

Micro data centers are the granular-level or rack-level configuration of micro data centers. They are offered as plug-and-play units with all the components and devices of a traditional data center. A micro data center is a compact facility with on board cooling, telecommunication and storage systems, security, fire suppression, and Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS). Micro data centers can be deployed outdoors/indoors and in rugged terrains. They come with casters and self-propelled functions for easy navigation. In other words, a micro data center is a micro-modular design that helps to minimize the physical footprint and energy consumed by the brick and mortar model.

A micro data center comprises all the essential equipment of a data center, such as server racks, network elements, power system, cooling system, fire suppression, UPS, Power Distribution Units (PDU), and monitoring and management tools built as a single unit. These modules can be used as a turnkey solution or a plug and play unit. The enclosures are standardized by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) to meet environmental standards and are sturdy enough to handle rugged weather conditions. The modules can be custom-built from a single rack to multiple racks depending upon the customer’s requirements. A micro data center container comes in three specifications, categorized as ISO container, enclosure, and skid mounted.

In the near future large number of organizations are expected to adopt micro data centers. iWire365 Micro Data Centers can be built in existing facilities with as little as four racks and/or cabinets.

iWire365 is interested in building micro data centers in your community whether you are designing and/or managing a Gigabit City or a public or private entity wanting to have Micro Data Center Infrastructure as a Service in your community.

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