No Gigabit City Design

iWire365 would like to help you start the process of planning to become a Gigabit City.

The first steps are securing private equity and understanding what a Gigabit City is and how your community can become one, whether its big or small city. A Gigabit City is:

100% coverage. Every rooftop, household and business, connected. Every entity within your desired footprint, including businesses, schools, medical facilities, engineering labs, libraries, commercial enterprises, and residents, will have access.
End to end connectivity. Connectivity from backbone to last mile to last 100 feet which enables symmetrical performance; users can send information at the same speed at which they receive it.
Affordable to residents, business and municipality with the ability to tailor solutions for any budget.

iWire365 provides 100% private equity for full turn key design, build and maintenance Gigabit City services. Our team is ready to help you understand the step-by-step process of becoming a Gigabit city, work with you as a partner and facilitate the funding of your Gigabit City project. We would like the opportunity to meet with you and your team and begin making your technology goals a reality. To get started, we’d like to send you our Gigabit City Design, Build and Maintain presentation.

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