Wireless Build Services

Wireless networking is increasingly being used by businesses as more and more IT managers, consultants and end users experience the benefits and conveniences of wireless networking technology.

The conveniences afforded by utilizing wireless networks has proven indispensable in certain environments where mobility is a key factor. Regardless of the environment, the success of any wireless network installation rests on proper setup of the wireless network, with wireless security and reliability being key.


IWire365 wireless installation services include:

  • Timeline for BoM procurement, installation, and testing
  • Logistics about availability and shipping of equipment
  • Resource allocation at each site
  • Installation and configuration of your wireless network
  • Full documentation and labeling of installation for inventory and maintenance

IWire365 offer full turn-key wireless installation and ensure the success of your wireless network roll out. With our detail-oriented project management skills, iWire365 can assist in the most complex network designs to ensure that the project is delivered on-time and on-budget and meets all of your organization’s performance and security requirements.

iWire365 provides new wireless tower construction services as well as wireless tower site support and maintenance services. iWire365 handles every aspect of the construction of building new wireless towers from the initial soil testing and engineering, FCC & FAA coordination, civil works and tower assembly, and installation, alignment and configuration of wireless access points and microwave links.


iWire365 handles all private, commercial, and government wireless construction projects to ensure that clients’ needs are fulfilled at every stage of tower development.

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