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iWire365 is a strategic technology and private equity advisory firm creating and working with disruptive growth companies alongside private equity, family offices, and institutional banking organizations to solve the world’s complex challenges related to critical infrastructure and national security. The primary focus is providing and developing AI enabled hardware and software solutions for critical infrastructure in the pre and post-quantum computing era.


Our services includes product development, industrial design, mechanical engineering, UX, human factors, material selection, global manufacturing, sales, and marketing services to high-technology, industrial, and commercial companies. Our clients are typically Fortune accounts or companies whose common denominator is rapid sales growth in the U.S. and worldwide markets. We also handle start-ups that are striving to attain a minimum $100 million revenue target or more within a 1- to 3-year time frame. We have extensive past performance with Government, Utility, and Telecommunications industries.  

We enable companies to create brand identities and raise capital from start-up to pre-IPO. We also provide promotional design and implementation services for 100% of the marketing mix, and create, design and implement programs using a proprietary Integrated Marketing/Closed Loop Marketing System.

Our services provides a stream of ideas and reflections which help managers to grasp the bigger picture and helps prevent them from getting lost in the wrong kind of detail. It is a fluid process which generates the insights, options, and breakthroughs to move the organization forward in an uncertain and changing environment.

Founding Partner of TMGcore

During 2016, iWire365 pivoted into a real estate development company focused on data center and fiber optic investments (design-build & sale-leaseback). As a result, iWire365 working directly with Creed Technology (Ben Sims, Garry Houston, Mitch Bernhard), Pinchal & Company (Brian McMackin, Mace Pinchal, John-David Enright-Investor Advisor), Jeff Fulgham, and so many other amazing people helped lead iWire365 to the bringing together the founding team and capital investment partners of TMGcore and the creation of the company. As William Hadala, Jake Mertel, and Taylor Monnig came together with JD Enright and Brian McMackin, we became the Co-Founders and Core of TMGcore, aka “The Four Horseman. Within less than three years of the company formation, TMGcore created a multi-billion dollar valuation (Whitley Penn, 2020) and 17+ and growing patents.

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