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You’re a business person, not necessarily a strategist.

Organizations are typically not made up of strategy people. Senior management such as the CEO are first and foremost business people; they understand business strategy and objectives, but the world of strategic development is often a mystery, especially if it involves disruptive technology. Topics ranging from databases to networking, from business intelligence to infrastructure can be overwhelming, especially when they don’t immediately appear to have a direct influence on the organization’s objectives.

Using senior managers to create the high level critical success factors for strategic planning is very effective, however often they need assistance with defining the more detailed elements of a complete corporate strategy. Senior managers often struggle with the risk management elements of a strategic plan as they may lack a comprehensive understanding of all the technical elements of disruptive technology environments.

Internal Bias

There may be issues when implementing a strategic plan internally, as bias can come into play.  An example of this would be where someone has been given the task of implementing a strategic plan for the organization. Because each person has only ever worked in a handful of different environments, the strategic objectives and technology drivers can often be biased around their personal experience.

iWire365 will help you overcome these challenges by being a trusted strategic management consultant.

A few examples of the types of work we perform:

  • Review and advice concerning the technical design of existing and planned products or services;
  • Business plan development;
  • Business development assistance and negotiations;
  • Sales assistance through the development of business models and sales strategy;
  • Advice regarding financing, review of proposed term sheets, capitalization planning and, where appropriate, participation in negotiations;
  • Strategic consulting regarding product planning, market development, marketing and public relations;
  • Consulting on corporate structure, employee stock option structure, warrant arrangements and intellectual property planning;
  • Introductions to potential strategic partners and other alliance candidates;
  • Introductions to prospective customers for the Company’s products or services;
  • Introductions to sources of financing and capital;
  • Fiscal and human resource planning to support corporate strategic plans;
  • Functional strategy, including finance strategy, operations consulting, outsourcing consulting and procurement strategy;
  • M&A Advisory;
  • Participation and attendance at meetings with the Company’s Board of Directors, management, customers, strategic partners and financing allies, as requested by the Company.

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