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iWire365 specializes in work with disruptive growth companies and real estate development companies and/or entities focused on Smart City infrastructure who are in the need of change management and/or investment capital.

Our Strategic Management Consulting Role

iWire365 believes it is important to work with a management consultant that will provide direction for projects of all sizes to ensure the best solutions are designed and implemented to meet the requirements of all stakeholders.


Our management consultants provide a company’s management team with a framework for making effective decisions about their direction. They provide a way of thinking about how to deal with the future and a process to guide decision-making. We participate in initial meetings with the company’s management team to establish the requirements of the consultancy project, prepare a proposal, and carry out research, analysis and assessment of growth scenarios and options. The independent perspective as a management consultant and the detailed recommendations in the report enable a management team to make more informed decisions.


Our key role as a management consultant is to help companies define what they do and identify their capabilities, strengths and weaknesses as a basis for going forward. Our team examines the company’s product range, the skills of its employees, its customer base and its marketing communications to build a picture of its current capabilities.


Our management consultants help management teams compare their current capabilities with market opportunities. They analyze a range of opportunities, compare market requirements with the company’s capabilities and set out a range of options. The options might include developing or sourcing new products, expanding into wider geographical territories or entering new market sectors. For each option, consultants highlight the associated risk and identify the changes required for success.


Our management consultants bring the expertise and experience of solving strategy problems for small and large businesses across different industry sectors. That perspective and experience can help a management team to focus on what the company should do to differentiate itself from the competition. As part of our role, management consultants help management teams identify priorities and focus the team on the requirements for making the strategy a reality.

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