Phenomenon of Strategic Thinking

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Phenomenon of Strategic Thinking
  • Strategic thinking is often harder in large and more bureaucratic / political organizations structures. It is often best done in small groups.

  • Strategic thinking can often be done without an elaborate process – indeed too much process of the wrong kind can inhibit the creativity which is at its very core.

  • Organizations often omit to think strategically even when the need to do so is staring them in the face.

  • Getting the value out of strategic thinking sometimes does not require deploying vast resources and effort.  Instead it depends on getting creative leverage out of ideas – to obtain at least ten things for the price of one.

  • Strategic thinking demands thinking through not merely what you can do or need to do, but also what others are likely to do (not merely spontaneously, but also as a knock-off effect of your own actions).

  • Strategic thinking involves a continuous scanning of the environment to identify disruptive change and the sudden take-off of opportunities.

  • It also requires imagination, along with the willingness to tell stories about the future, which may or may not happen – scenarios which are a guide to further thought.  By extending one’s awareness in the future, far more insights about the possible are created.

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